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Residential and Commercial Wallpaper Installer Perth WA

Paper Effects is a professional business supplying and installing all types and designs of wallpapers, for residential and commercial clients.

Our commercial work include display homes, retail shops, beauty salons and more.

At Paper Effects, we are very passionate about the effects of wallpaper. We love that something so inexpensive, can transform your space into something creative, fashionable, fun and personal to your style choice.

wallpaper perth

The installation of wallpaper is very intricate and requires much time and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on perfectionism and get much satisfaction at the end result, which is nothing short of amazing!

At Paper Effects, we have our own range of wallpaper designs that we can supply for installation. We sell our wallpapers at wholesale prices and offer a wide variety of styles and colours. Some styles include Damask, 3D brick, vintage, metallic, childrens designs and more.
If we don’t have what you’re looking for, or you have already found the perfect wallpaper, we can just do the installation process for you.

Wallpapers are a very personal choice, so not all styles and colours are for everyone. Due to the always-changing fashion in the wallpaper world, you can always find something that suits your style. If your style changes, or you just love keeping up with the latest trends, we also do wallpaper removal! So you can always keep your space looking as you want it!

Call or email us with your enquiry through our Contacts Page.